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#RT2Ethiopia: It’s Time To Bring Russian Media To Addis!

The author is optimistic that Ethiopian activists will succeed in showing Russia how eagerly they want its flagship international media outlet to establish its continental hub in their capital. All that it’ll take for this dream to succeed is for the right decision makers in that country and company to realize the wisdom of relocating RT’s African office from Nairobi to Addis. That’s why the author encourages everyone to engage in the #RT2Ethiopia social media campaign according to the means that he suggested, which will eventually prompt the Russian government’s attention as well as that of Mrs. Simonyan. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Russia’s publicly financed international media flagship RT earlier announced plans to open up its African hub in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, but the author suggested last week that “ RT Should Consider Relocating Its Planned African Hub From Kenya To Ethiopia ” after Nairobi voted against Moscow at the UNSC and mos

Tigray Did Not Embrace Muslim Refugees in the 7th Century, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians Did

TPLF’s argument has no historical basis, it is distorted and it is very dangerous. It not only distorts Ethiopia’s history but the history of Islam as well. By Ahmed Yusuf Editor-in-Chief, (Twitter handle: @AhmedYusuf_et) On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led government of Tigray misleadingly and without shame claimed that it was the owner of or provided exclusive credit to people of Tigray, Ethiopia’s rich traditions, civilizations and ancient history. It deliberately attempted to mislead others saying that the Axumite Civilization centered at the present day Tigray embraced Christianity and accepted the Muslim Refugees of the 7th century Arabia. But the fact is that the Tigrayan values at the time were founded on Ethiopian Orthodox Christian values which are broad and wide that its kingdom encompassed other ethnic groups as far as Yemen. Within its kingdom lived many ethnic groups including the Amhara, Eritreans and ev

EXCLUSIVE: The Malinowski Bill Is Humanitarian Imperialism At Its Most Malicious

America’s humanitarian imperialism has always been malicious, but ESPDA stands apart from everything other than NATO’s War on Libya as being among its cruelest form. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The “ Ethiopia Stabilization, Peace, and Democracy Act ” (ESPDA), popularly known as the “Malinowski Bill” after one of the congressmen who introduced it, doesn’t support either stabilization, peace, or democracy. Rather, it’s the most malicious form of humanitarian imperialism short of a Libyan-like all-out war. ESPDA has mostly been reported to concern sanctions against individuals who the US determines to have either imported “restricted” military equipment, impeded the flow of humanitarian assistance, and/or have been involved in “genocide”, “war crimes”, and “crimes against humanity”. There are several other provisions though that haven’t received all that much attention but definitely deserve to be more widely discussed. The first to touch upon concerns the U

EXCLUSIVE: PM Abiy At The AU: Agenda 2063, Environmentalism, Pan-Africanism, And UN Reform

The Ethiopian leader reaffirmed his commitment to the interconnected visions of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance after reminding everyone of the continent’s struggles during the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   Prime Minister Abiy welcomed everyone on Saturday to the 35th ordinary session of the African Union (AU) Assembly. His remarks articulated an ambitious vision of comprehensively supporting African interests. The Ethiopian leader reaffirmed his commitment to the interconnected visions of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance after reminding everyone of the continent’s struggles during the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. These crucially included vaccine inequality , arbitrary restrictions against certain countries, and disinformation. Everything that he shared in his speech revolves in one way or another around fulfilling the Agenda 2063 vision that was agreed to in 2013. For those who a

TPLF's Attack On Afar Proves That "Tigray Under Siege" Is A Sham

But the fact remains that the Ethiopian government is not the one holding Tigray under siege but instead it is TPLF itself that is holding Tigray hostage from receiving any sorts of assistance both from the federal government and humanitarian organizations. By Ahmed Yusuf Editor-in-Chief,  The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) has been claiming, for a year now, that Tigray is "under siege" and that its forces are fighting until the siege on Tigray is lifted and many international observers especially Western governments have been swayed by this claim.  In other words, the West has remained hesitant to condemn TPLF when it committed atrocities in Afar and Amhara because it sees TPLF's "breaking the siege" sham objective as a just cause . But the fact remains that the Ethiopian government is not the one holding Tigray under siege but instead it is TPLF itself that is holding Tigray hostage from receiving any sorts of assistance b

EXCLUSIVE: Ethiopian-Emirati Relations Are Mutually Beneficial And Highly Strategic

The UAE is one of Ethiopia’s top allies and a crucial investor in its economy. The Horn of Africa country can also reliably provide agricultural products to its arid Gulf partner, which makes their economic ties mutually beneficial. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Prime Minister Abiy’s visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a timely occasion to discuss the mutually beneficial and highly strategic nature of bilateral relations. He and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Zayed (MBZ) praised their ties, with their friendly interaction reported upon in detail by the Khaleej Times in their informative article about the Ethiopian premier’s trip. More can be said about their relations than just what their two leaders discussed, however, which is the purpose of the present piece. Observers should remember that MBZ played an important role in facilitating the Ethiopian-Eritrean rapprochement shortly after PM Abiy entered office in 2018. He helped bring these form

Ethiopia Needs Ambassadors like General Bacha and Dr. Sileshi To Prevail In International Diplomacy

LEFT: General Bacha Debele and Dr. Sileshi Bekele By Alemayehu Dessu —  a Sociologist and a Researcher  The Office of the President yesterday announced the appointment of 27 Ambassadors and some of the names in the list have shocked many Ethiopians. But it should not be so. The appointment of General Bacha Debele, senior member of ENDF, and Dr. Sileshi Bekele, GERD Negotiator and Minister of Water, as Ambassadors among others has shocked many because most believe these men were fulfilling their responsibilities to their fullest capacities and some felt they should be left where they are. The first misconception here arises from the notion that being assigned as an Ambassador is the same as being pushed away from the center stage of Ethiopian politics. This perception was instilled when the EPRDF government was in power and usually the EPRDF leadership, when they are dissatisfied with a certain official they appoint them as Ambassadors somewhere in the world and keep them at bay from

EXCLUSIVE: The WHO’s Disrespect Of Ethiopia’s Envoy Must Be Condemned

Dr. Tedro’s apparent “untouchability” means that certain elites have an interest in protecting him. This adds further credence to the suspicions of his many critics that he wasn’t carrying out his misconduct unilaterally and independently, but as part of a coordinated Hybrid War campaign to destabilize his homeland. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst WHO Executive Board chair Patrick Amoth started a hybrid meeting of the body by declaring that it had “set aside” Ethiopia’s request to investigate Dr. Tedros for misconduct and then twice stopped its Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Zenebe Kebede Korcho from criticizing the Director-General prior to outright cutting him off . Addis Ababa had formally accused Dr. Tedros of misconduct earlier this month for supporting the terrorist-designated TPLF . His actions arguably violated the WHO’s code of conduct yet the body is obviously covering for him despite it being in its best interests to at least take up the inves

EXCLUSIVE: The #NoMore Movement Is Revolutionizing The Global Activist Community

Through leaps and bounds, the #NoMore movement is taking the world by storm. It’s focused on the principled mission of opposing neo-imperialism in all its manifestations so as to support all those who’ve been victimized by this across the world while remaining decentralized enough to flexibly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia will go down in history as perhaps the most counterproductive act of aggression that America ever committed against another country. That’s because it’s directly responsible for inspiring Ethiopian activists to assemble the #NoMore movement that’s revolutionizing the global activist community. Modern-day advances in information-communication technology such as the popularity of social media platforms like Twitter have perfectly paired with the world’s unprecedented disgust of American meddling to create a movement unlike any other. What began in Ethio

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Tedros’ Misconduct Defiles The WHO & Disrespects His Compatriots

This objective observation alone should be enough to relinquish him of his duties. The longer that he remains in his role, the worse that the WHO and its UN parent organization’s reputation will become. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed an official objection to the misconduct practiced by World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. They drew attention to how he’s consistently abused his high office to meddle in his homeland’s internal and foreign affairs. He’s also accused of continuing to remain a member of the terrorist-designated TPLF that’s responsible for bringing untold suffering upon millions of people in northern Ethiopia as a result of the war that it started in early November 2020. Furthermore, the objection details other examples of Dr. Tedros’ misconduct. For instance, he’s accused of inflating the emergency level in Ethiopia in order to warrant a humanitarian interven

EXCLUSIVE: The Nobel Committee Has A Mistaken Assessment Of PM Abiy’s Commitment To Peace

With all due respect to this prestigious organization, the Norwegian Nobel Committee needs to reassess its understanding of the ongoing situation in Ethiopia. It’s the TPLF, not PM Abiy, that’s responsible for continuing the war. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Berit Reiss-Andersen said in a statement to AFP that “As Prime Minister and winner of the Peace Prize, Abiy Ahmed has a special responsibility to end the conflict and contribute to peace. The humanitarian situation is very serious and it is not acceptable that humanitarian aid does not get through sufficiently.” This is a mistaken assessment that’s inconsistent with the facts. PM Abiy has consistently worked towards peace in his country but it was victimized by a US-led Hybrid War of Terror waged by TPLF proxies who wanted to seize power at all costs. Even so, the Ethiopian leader still recently made enormous strides towards that end following the TPLF’s c

Analyzing The Abiy-Biden Phone Call: Why’d It Happen & What’s It Mean?

This is actually an incipient U-turn on America’s part and by no means on PM Abiy’s. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The “Controversial” Phone Call There’s a lot of talk about the phone call between Prime Minister Abiy and US President Biden, with some speculating that it took place purely because the former supposedly submitted to the latter. This interpretation is based on a critical take towards the government’s decision to grant amnesty to several individuals last week. The line of thinking is that PM Abiy carried out unilateral political concessions due to unbearable US pressure. According to those who ascribe to this belief, the latest phone call was yet another disappointment. There’s a completely different way to assess everything, though. It can’t be emphasized enough that Ethiopians have the right to have whatever opinion they want about their officials. Having reaffirmed that, those who’ve recently experienced disappointment should be careful not to