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EXCLUSIVE: Ethiopia’s Reported Drone Ties With Iran Shouldn’t Worry Israel

Just like Russia, China, and India pragmatically multi-align between Iran and Israel in mutually beneficial ways that don’t harm either of those rivals’ interests, so too can Ethiopia do the same, especially since it has millennia of diplomatic experience that its representatives can easily employ to that end. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The Jewish Insider published an extended article on Monday asking “ Are Israel and Iran competing on the same side in Ethiopia? ” It builds upon earlier reports about Ethiopia’s alleged drone ties with Iran, which haven’t been officially confirmed. The outlet quoted some commentators who expressed worry about those rumors. The overall tone of the Jewish Insider’s article is an anxious one and suggests that Israel has something to fear about the earlier mentioned reports. The purpose of the present piece is to argue that such anxieties are unfounded and that there isn’t any reason for Israel to worry. For starters, Ethi

EXCLUSIVE: Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission Wasn’t Created Due To Foreign Pressure

Prime Minister Abiy’s government has always stood for peace and reconciliation as evidenced by one of the central tenets of his Medemer philosophy. This isn’t anything new, and it precedes the ongoing war by two and a half years. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The Western Mainstream Media is spinning another fake news narrative by implying that Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission (NDC) was created due to their pressure. NBC News, for instance, headlined a story about this titled “ Ethiopia passes law to start national dialogue commission amid pressure to end Tigray conflict ”. This is a false assessment of the situation that deliberately misportrays the government’s motivations. Prime Minister Abiy’s government has always stood for peace and reconciliation as evidenced by one of the central tenets of his Medemer philosophy. This isn’t anything new, and it precedes the ongoing war by two and a half years. The NDC is a practical application of that philo

19 Blatant Lies of General Tsadkan

By Ahmed Yusuf Editor-in-Chief,  An article that is said to have been written by General Tsadkan was published yesterday on the Elephant, a Nairobi based online platform critical of Ethiopia’s war against the TPLF terrorists. The article titled “Pertinent Issues on the War in Tigray” was written mainly to the Western world in order to gain the much needed help TPLF requires after its embarrassing defeat in Amhara and Afar. The General, in an attempt to desperately appease his Western allies, has not shied away from painting the article with many lies that if not exposed will surely mislead many who are unaware. 1. “the War in Tigray” The General has misleadingly included in the title of his article “the War in Tigray”. However, the fact is that there has not been a conflict in Tigray. This is because ever since the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) withdrew from Tigray after the federal government declared a humanitarian ceasefire in June, General T

EXCLUSIVE: Abiy Ahmed & Vladimir Putin: Different Leaders, But Similar Experiences & Visions

Drawing attention to their commonalities is meant to show how closely these countries’ recent histories are aligned, which can in turn spur more people-to-people ties. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Russian President Vladimir Putin are different leaders who nevertheless share very similar background experiences and visions for their historically diverse civilization-states. Drawing attention to their commonalities is meant to show how closely these countries’ recent histories are aligned, which can in turn spur more people-to-people ties. What follows is a comparison of these leaders, after which a general summary will be made. Security Backgrounds PM Abiy’s and President Putin’s most formative professional experiences came from the security sector. The former worked in both the military and intelligence while the latter was only employed by the second-mentioned. Nonetheless, these institutions greatly shaped their outl

EXCLUSIVE: The TPLF’s Hybrid War Of Terror On Ethiopia Preceded Its Hot War

The Ethiopian people are united in their opposition to it ever returning to power and deviously dividing and ruling them through the exacerbation of artificially manufactured identity conflicts, terrorism, and crimes against humanity. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Exposing The TPLF The US-led West’s Hybrid War on Ethiopia that’s been waged by their TPLF proxies for nearly the past 14 months was preceded by the TPLF’s own Hybrid War of Terror on that same country since the moment when Prime Minister Abiy entered office in April 2018. He exposed their machinations on 30 November 2020 in his response to the queries that were raised by members of parliament at that time, the English translation of which can be watched in full on YouTube. While his compatriots are keenly aware of everything that the TPLF had done to their country during its 27 years in power, especially since they all directly suffered because of it, most of the international audience sti

EXCLUSIVE: Why Is The US Politicizing Ethiopia’s Reported Drone Capabilities?

America is concerned that it’s lost its prior monopoly on drone technology due to recent Turkish, Chinese, and Emirati advancements in this industry, all three of whom US-led Western Mainstream Media reports have claimed are supplying the ENDF.  By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst All states have the sovereign right to ensure their national security interests, especially in the domestic dimension, through whichever means they deem necessary so long as their moves are responsible and don’t contribute to regional instability. Ethiopia is no different, which is why it’s concerning that the US has suddenly decided to politicize its reported drone capabilities. Reuters exclusively reported that Horn of Africa envoy Jeffrey Feltman discussed the issue of suspected Turkish drone sales to Ethiopia during his latest trip to that West Asian country. According to the outlet, American officials have “profound humanitarian concerns” about Ethiopian-Turkish military cooperati

EXCLUSIVE: The UN’s Human Rights Council Has A Hidden Hybrid War Agenda

The reason for redundantly establishing a new probe is to discredit the existing one. It’s also meant to signal the West’s continued influence over supposedly neutral international bodies in spite of that bloc’s gradual decline over the past decade. The message being conveyed is that the US and its allies have successfully hijacked the Human Rights Council in order to weaponize it against Ethiopia. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst The UN has once again been weaponized for Hybrid War purposes by Western countries after its Human Rights Council voted against the will of all its African members to open up a probe into alleged abuses in Ethiopia. That targeted country’s permanent representative to the UN condemned this move as neo-colonialist while the Russian one described it as counterproductive and against the principle of “African solutions to African problems”. It’s clear that there’s an ulterior motive at play since the Ethiopian government already coop

Debunking The West’s Top Ten Lies About Chinese-African Relations

The present analysis will identify and subsequently debunk the West’s top lies about Chinese-African relations. What comes next is a list of lies followed by the motive behind each. Then they’ll be discredited with the facts. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Chinese-African relations are historically rooted through shared struggle, mutually beneficial, and the model of South-South cooperation. They represent the best practices of international relations. It’s precisely because of their pragmatism that the US is spreading lies about them. America hopes to cling to its fading unipolar hegemony by stirring up trouble in Chinese-African relations through information warfare in a desperate but inevitably doomed attempt to cling to its fading unipolar hegemony. Washington wrongly believes that it can turn the continent into a theater of rivalry in the New Cold War. The present analysis will identify and subsequently debunk the West’s top lies about Chinese-African re

Korybko To Ethiopian Media: The Diaspora Has Made A Difference In The Global Discourse

EthiopianCitizen has published the full text of the interview that Andrew Korybko, an American political analyst, recently gave to Addis Media Network’s Meseret Tajebe, some excerpts of which were included in the latter’s video report titled “ የጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩ መዝመታቸው የአሜሪካ ጫና አዲስ ሚዲያ ኔትወርክ ህዳር 23/2014 ዓ.ም ”. 1. Considering Prime Minister Abiy joining the front line in the war with TPLF. And the TPLF using its cadres and affiliated foreign forces to disseminate its propaganda internationally, how do you view the current (to date) political situation in Ethiopia? Where do you see the political scenario leading to? As it stands, military hostilities are intensifying because neither side wants to back down. Prime Minister Abiy’s decision to lead the war from the front line was very symbolic in showing that his government isn’t flinching in the face of Western pressure to politically compromise with the TPLF. Likewise, the TPLF’s continued fighting shows that it too isn’t going to compromise

Will Sudan Militarily Provoke Ethiopia To Save The TPLF On Egypt’s Behalf?

Sudan literally cannot afford to militarily provoke Ethiopia even if Egypt partially bankrolls this campaign. This simple pragmatism might be the only thing stopping the scenario that was warned about in this analysis. Sudan’s false claims against Ethiopia over the weekend could have been a way of showing deference to its Egyptian patron even if Khartoum isn’t serious about attacking its neighbor like Cairo might want. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   Sudan alleged over the weekend that the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and its allies killed six of its soldiers during an attack in a disputed border region. Ethiopian government spokesman Legesse Tulu denied the claims the day after and clarified that “A large group of insurgents, bandits and terrorists had entered [from Sudan]. The Ethiopian National Defence Force and the local militia have destroyed them.” Khartoum’s information provocation occurred right around the time that the ENDF liberate

The US Is Dangerously Flirting With The Afghan Scenario In Ethiopia

Ethiopia might suspect that the US has ulterior motives in threatening an uninvited military intervention into the country on the pretext of evacuating its citizens who thus far don’t even want to leave because they still feel safe in the capital.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     CNN reported on Tuesday that “The US military has positioned US special operations forces in Djibouti to be ready to provide assistance to the US Embassy in Ethiopia if the situation worsens, according to one military official and two sources familiar with the movements.” This comes after US State Department spokesman Ned Price denied last week that an Afghan-like evacuation was being considered despite not being prompted to compare the two. Associated Press reported Matt Lee then challenged Price as to why he’d even bring that up, which resulted in a tense exchange between them. There’s some more background context that the reader should be familiar with in order to understand h