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Exposing The Terrorizing Intentions Of The US’ Latest Anti-Ethiopian Fearmongering

To be clear, there’s no credible chance as of now that this fearmongering scenario will unfold, but it’s enough to point out that the US is basically telling its own people that their government’s TPLF terrorist allies might shoot them out of the sky if they don’t evacuate Ethiopia right away to realize how out of control this Hybrid War is getting.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     The author warned at the start of the month for everyone to “Expect An Intensification Of Information Warfare Against Ethiopia” , which is exactly what ended up happening. After that country’s democratically elected and internationally recognized government refused to capitulate to the US’ demand to treat the terrorist-designated Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as its political equal, Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman spent a full hour implying a list of threats against Ethiopia. This was then followed by the US calling upon its citizens to evacuate

The US’ Ethiopian Evacuation Call Is A Pro-TPLF Plot To Provoke Panic

Provoking panic among foreigners in Addis is the US’ primary Hybrid War means at the moment towards advancing the end of the TPLF returning to power even if only in part. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     The Ethiopian Ambassador to the US spoke to Russia’s Sputnik about Washington’s call for American citizens to evacuate from that Horn of Africa country. According to His Excellency Fitsum Arega: “Addis Ababa is safe and secure as always. There is no need for alarm. People are living their normal lives. It makes no sense to urge 'evacuations.' What we have seen in other part of the world with people clambering to hold onto planes to make an escape recently is far from occurring in Ethiopia…Commercial plane seats are always available but no one is rushing to leave, but the US government trying to convince by every means possible including paying for their airfare but no takers…The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a presentation to the diplomatic c

Analyzing US Special Envoy For The Horn Of Africa Feltman’s Threats Against Ethiopia

Feltman didn’t come to Ethiopia to mediate peace, he came to deliver an ultimatum threatening a 20-year proxy war if his hosts don’t immediately surrender. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     US Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa Jeffrey Feltman released an extended and very manipulative statement ahead of his visit to the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. This American official intended to set the narrative that his country’s Mainstream Media (MSM) proxies should follow for intensifying their information warfare against that country. The US’ Hybrid War on Ethiopia threatens to get worse since there aren’t any signs that this victimized state will bend to the aggressor’s pressure as hinted at in Feltman’s statement. It’s therefore worthwhile to analyze exactly what he said in order to expose the means through which his country is expected to intensify its Hybrid War campaign. What comes next is a collection of quotes from Feltman’s statement followed by