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Girl, 4, miraculously survives the TPLF inflicted Galicoma Massacre


ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 17, 2021 — It was on August 05, 2021, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), a terrorist designated group, was shelling Galicoma town with heavy artillery killing over 240 people out of whom 100 were children. However, one baby girl, a 4 year old, miraculously survived the attack although severely burned.

“UNICEF is extremely alarmed by the reported killing of over 200 people, including more than 100 children, in attacks on displaced families in Ethiopia's Afar region”, said Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF.

On August, the TPLF terrorist group opened an attack on Afar Region indiscriminately shelling Internally Displaced People (IDPs) camps in Galicoma Kebele, Uwa, Awra and Gulina woredas and Fenterus Zone. 

There was no international outcry, no condemnation from the rights groups, the United States or the European Union who had today won the right to conduct an investigation in Tigray but not else where. 

The TPLF, as was expected by many Ethiopians, was left to brutalize Ethiopians at it did for 30 years. Unfortunately, for the Galicoma baby girl, the West is unconcerned about her or as US recently stated her status is "unconfirmed". 

All in all, the atrocities that has been committed on Ethiopians by the Western-backed terrorist group will be recorded on Ethiopia's history. Ethiopians will not rest unless this group is held accountable. The conscious of Ethiopians will not be free until those who burned this baby girl receive retribution.

Ethiopia's pains may be ignored by the West but it is surely getting all the attention support from Ethiopians in the diaspora, African nations and many other powerful and honorable countries around the world.


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