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#RT2Ethiopia: It’s Time To Bring Russian Media To Addis!

The author is optimistic that Ethiopian activists will succeed in showing Russia how eagerly they want its flagship international media outlet to establish its continental hub in their capital. All that it’ll take for this dream to succeed is for the right decision makers in that country and company to realize the wisdom of relocating RT’s African office from Nairobi to Addis. That’s why the author encourages everyone to engage in the #RT2Ethiopia social media campaign according to the means that he suggested, which will eventually prompt the Russian government’s attention as well as that of Mrs. Simonyan. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Russia’s publicly financed international media flagship RT earlier announced plans to open up its African hub in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, but the author suggested last week that “ RT Should Consider Relocating Its Planned African Hub From Kenya To Ethiopia ” after Nairobi voted against Moscow at the UNSC and mos

The United Nations need not be a site of 'isolation' when it can be a site of 'heightened diplomacy' — Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

ADDIS ABABA, MARCH 03, 2022 — A day after Ethiopia skipped voting on Ukraine at the United Nation's General Assembly, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the multilateral institutions and international norms the world has built collectively need not be a site of isolation when actually they were designed to be a mechanism for problem solving, heightened diplomacy and collective development. "Let not the failure of diplomacy be the reason millions of fives are uprooted and global shock waves felt throughout when the tools of creating international harmony are within our means", said PM Abiy Ahmed. The West attempted to isolate Ethiopia last year just like it attempted to isolate Russia at the international arena yesterday. It is to be recalled that on December 17, 2021, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) brought a resolution under the pressure of European countries to force Ethiopia to conduct an investigation on Tigray despite the fact that it has alre

Tigray Did Not Embrace Muslim Refugees in the 7th Century, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians Did

TPLF’s argument has no historical basis, it is distorted and it is very dangerous. It not only distorts Ethiopia’s history but the history of Islam as well. By Ahmed Yusuf Editor-in-Chief, (Twitter handle: @AhmedYusuf_et) On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led government of Tigray misleadingly and without shame claimed that it was the owner of or provided exclusive credit to people of Tigray, Ethiopia’s rich traditions, civilizations and ancient history. It deliberately attempted to mislead others saying that the Axumite Civilization centered at the present day Tigray embraced Christianity and accepted the Muslim Refugees of the 7th century Arabia. But the fact is that the Tigrayan values at the time were founded on Ethiopian Orthodox Christian values which are broad and wide that its kingdom encompassed other ethnic groups as far as Yemen. Within its kingdom lived many ethnic groups including the Amhara, Eritreans and ev

Afar People's Party boycotts national dialogue, denounces silence from federal government and IC

ADDIS ABABA, FEBRUARY 27, 2022 — Afar People's Party (APP) released a statement today calling on the international community and the federal government to break their silence and give due attention to the plights of Afar people suffering under the occupation of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). It also decided not to participate in the upcoming national dialogue requesting the federal government to revisit the process which it said is as important as the outcome.  FULL STATEMENT === Urgent appeal to the International Community by Afar People’s Party In Ethiopia, the Afar Regional State is neighboring to Amhara, Oromia, and Tigray regions, while internationally bordering to Djibouti and Eritrea. This geopolitically important region that predominantly inhabited by indigenous Afar pastoralist is now exposed to unimaginable scale of grievances and humanitarian calamities due to the invasion of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and its military forces. The first unp

TPLF forces displaced over 34,246 refugees from Barhale, Afar

ADDIS ABABA, FEBRUARY 27, 2022 — Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) forces displaced over 34,246 Eritrean refugees who were stationed in Berhale Woreda of Afar National Regional State, according to a report from Refugees and Returnees Services Afar branch. TPLF launched an offensive claiming to defend itself against so-called "Red Sea Afar forces" last month. However, there were no armed groups from the Red Sea in Ethiopia but instead impoverished refugees taking shelter under the scorching sun of Barhale. TPLF's true intention appeared to be an ethnic cleansing targeting the Afar and their land which is full of salt and potash. Exactly last month, the Red Sea Afar Human Rights Organization (RSAHRO) expressed its deep concern about the deteriorating security, humanitarian, and human rights situations, as well as the safety and well-being of Eritrean Refugees, mostly from ethnic Afar living in Barahle district, Kiblatti Rasu of the Afar Regional State, as a

Field Marshal Birhanu Jula told ENDF Eastern Command to get ready for new operations

  ADDIS ABABA, FEBRUARY 26, 2022 — Ethiopia's Field Marshal Birhanu Jula told Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) Eastern Command to be prepared for another round operation against the infamous Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) which have invaded Afar National Regional State taking over Kilbati Rasu Zone, killing hundreds and forcing more than 300,000 civilians to flee. ENDF Chief of Staff Field Marshal Birhanu Jula informed the ENDF Eastern Command members to be vigilant during an award ceremony held in Semera, capital of Afar region, today. The speech from the Field Marshal comes on a time the heavily armed TPLF forces continued their attack on the poorly defended Afar front which they began on late December last year. Without the ENDF, TPLF terrorists were only facing resistance from an ill equipped Afar Special Forces and militiamen. "Our operation is not yet over. Eastern Command needs to maintain its honor and repeat its victory with minimum loss. You ne

Ethiopia, Nigeria, Algeria and South Africa form the G4 Nations to help AU deal with African issues

ADDIS ABABA, FEBRUARY 25, 2022 — On February 17, 2022, leaders of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Algeria and South Africa met on the sidelines of the 6th EU-AU Summit at Brussels to form the Group of Four (G4) Nations whose goal will be to deal with issues confronting Africa. The G4, an initiative of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, was set up with the aim of supporting the African Union (AU) so that it can undertake its work effectively, efficiently and swiftly. Hence, the leaders confirmed that the group will be fully integrated within the AU. According to Nigeria's BusinessDay , Presidents of the four nations stressed the need to reinvigorate the G4 within the AU as a platform for bringing African countries closer, coordinating actions and reactions for the whole continent in a more proactive manner.  Leaders of the four nations used the 6th EU-AU Summit to discuss crisis areas on the continent with a view to coming up with practical and effective solutions. “Our core aim is to