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TPLF converted Churches and Mosques into military camps

Woldiya City, capital of North Wollo Zone, Amhara region ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 29, 2021 – When the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters occupied Woldiya city for five months, it converted Churches and Mosques into military camps where they would also prepare their food, said Haji Aligaz, Secretary of North Wollo Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, when he spoke to Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) journalists.  “Places of worship should be respected. Mosques should be respected. Churches should be respected. But they don’t know the meaning of respect and hence couldn’t honor the place. That is why they desecrated Mosques and Churches”, said Haji Aligaz. Haji Aligaz, Secretary of North Wollo Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Haji Aligaz said the terrorists have burnt Holy Scriptures and materials used at the places of worship. He also said they have beaten people inside the places of worship. They turned made many respectable people handicaps, he said. “We thought

600 civilians massacred in Kobo by TPLF terrorists

  ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 27, 2021 — The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists, during their occupation of Amhara, have killed over 600 people in Kobo, a town in Amhara region, 200 km south of Mekelle. What is worse is that 89 innocent civilians were killed in one day and buried in a mass grave. The family of the deceased were not even allowed to follow the sacred burial rites that their religion obligates. The TPLF faced its most fierce resistance from Raya patriots and militias on September 08, 2021, and many of its fighters were killed. And as a retaliation, the terrorists returned on September 09 with heavy weapon and large number of fighters and massacred 89 Amhara farmers, women and the elderly in a singe day. Witnesses say, however, this number does not include those whose whereabouts is still unknown. "There was guns blazing around our block. It was 5am in the morning. They entered our house and took four men who were our relatives. I told them they were ju

EXCLUSIVE: Abiy Ahmed & Vladimir Putin: Different Leaders, But Similar Experiences & Visions

Drawing attention to their commonalities is meant to show how closely these countries’ recent histories are aligned, which can in turn spur more people-to-people ties. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Russian President Vladimir Putin are different leaders who nevertheless share very similar background experiences and visions for their historically diverse civilization-states. Drawing attention to their commonalities is meant to show how closely these countries’ recent histories are aligned, which can in turn spur more people-to-people ties. What follows is a comparison of these leaders, after which a general summary will be made. Security Backgrounds PM Abiy’s and President Putin’s most formative professional experiences came from the security sector. The former worked in both the military and intelligence while the latter was only employed by the second-mentioned. Nonetheless, these institutions greatly shaped their outl

Ethiopians and government will support Tigray if it needs help in removing TPLF — PM Abiy Ahmed

ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 24, 2021 – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed released a statement this evening explaining the decision the government made with regards to Ethiopian forces not penetrating into Tigray. He said the decisions are based on long term benefits and are not shortsighted.   Read the full text below. === Our decisions are based on long term benefits not shortsighted "'National Unity in Diversity' campaign has achieved its goal by eradicating the TPLF terrorist group from Amhara and Afar regions. The government has given an order to the ENDF to remain at the places it has liberated. We have decided this based on long term benefits rather than being shortsighted. A strategy that will not lead to Ethiopia’s victory will only embolden our enemies; it will be a lifeline to the terrorist groups. A military decision that is shortsighted will only immerse us in a long war with no end. The war that is waged to weaken Ethiopia is multifaceted. The existential threat is not ju

Ethiopian forces will not enter Tigray in haste — Ethiopian government

ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 23, 2021 — Ethiopia said its forces will maintain ground at the recently liberated areas rather than rushing into Tigray to catch up to the terrorist forces which the government believes have laid traps. This decision was revealed today when the Minister of Government Communication Services (GCS), Dr. Legese Tulu, officially announced the conclusion of the first phase, also dubbed the 'National Unity in Diversity' campaign, against the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists which had the objective of liberating all areas in Amhara and Afar under its grip. "The invading force was dismantled and compelled to flee, destroy its equipment or surrendered", said Dr. Legese Tulu. "The recently launched operation - ‘National Unity in Diversity’ concluded with main objectives met. ENDF in Eastern Amhara & Afar fronts ordered to remain on guard in the recently liberated areas. The ENDF’s activities on other fronts will be share

The Archbishop who risked his life to save Muslims and Christians in Woldiya

Abune Ermias, Patriarch of North Wollo [Picture: Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA] ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 22, 2021 — Abune Ermias, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Archbishop of the North Wollo Diocese, will go down in history as one of the great hero who risked his life to save innocent civilians, both Muslims and Christians, in Woldiya town, capital of North Wollo, during its five months occupation under the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists. The residents of Woldiya, both Muslims and Christians, have confessed the Patriarch's unselfish sacrifice to save those who needed saving. He did not only beg the TPLF men to have mercy on the poor but he also advised the civilians under occupation to have patience and endure the challenges. "He was with us at times of sorrow or happiness. He saved us from the wolves.", said Mola Ejigu, a resident of Woldiya city. He was all the people had when they were desperate. At one time a pregnant woman who was about to give birth se

The National Dialogue Commission awaits 2nd round public discussions

  ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 22, 2021 — Following the decision of the Council of Ministers to establish a National Dialogue Commission, on December 10, the Ethiopian House of People's Representative (HoPR) before making the final approval of the draft proclamation conducted first round discussions , on December 20, with stakeholders and it has also decided to involve the public and there by conduct second round discussions at the HoPR this Saturday, December 25. ----------- Download the English version of the Draft Proclamation on the National Dialogue Commission   Download the Amharic version of the Draft Proclamation on the National Dialogue Commission ---------- The public discussion will commence Saturday morning 9am EAT and citizens are called to contribute by attending in person or by sending their comments by phone to the Ethiopian parliament. On the first round discussions, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), oppositio

Ethiopia dispatches experts to investigate atrocities committed by TPLF in Afar and Amhara

  Residents of Gashena town mourning the dead after TPLF flees town [Picture: Abel Gashaw] ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 21, 2021 — Ethiopia dispatches 11 groups to investigate the atrocities committed by the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists in Afar and Amhara regions, according to a report from the Federal Police Commission which is a member of the State of Emergency Command Post. Zelalem Mengiste, Deputy Commission of the Federal Police and chief of Crimes Investigation Unit, said that the atrocities the TPLF committed in Afar and Amhara amounts to criminal offenses. The experts are conducting their investigations to expose the grave human rights abuses the terrorists committed to the world. Zelalem Mengiste, Deputy Commission of the Federal Police and chief of Crimes Investigation Unit [Picture: FBC] The investigation will also be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the regional police. The report said that the TPLF terrorists will be held accountabl

Ethiopia's National Dialogue is not about TPLF or OLA — State Minister Amb. Redwan Hussein

Ambassadors from different countries attending Ministry of Foreign Affairs briefing [Picture: Ministry of Foreign Affairs]   ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 21, 2021 - In a briefing held today in Addis Ababa with Ambassadors from various countries, Ambassador Redwan Hussein, State Minister Political, Economic and Diplomacy, said that there will be an all-inclusive dialogue between political elites and the public.    On ensuring lasting peace in Ethiopia, he detailed the proposed plans to have an all-inclusive dialogue with political elites and the public.   Ambassador Redwan Hussein, State Minister of Political, Economic and Diplomacy [Picture: Ministry of Foreign Affairs] He said almost all contentious matters would be on the table during the dialogue, including fundamental national issues and Constitutional amendments.   But in a tweet later in the afternoon, he clarified his statement saying that the national dialogue is not about TPLF and OLA groups, which were designated as terroris

Ethiopian security forces thwart terrorists' smuggling operation

  ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 21, 2021 - Ethiopia's National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) announced , today that it had apprehended over 164 individuals for possessing currencies of different countries, 5.8 kg gold bars, including army uniforms and communication equipment garnered to support the causes of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) terrorists. The NISS conducted strict checks inside Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and arrested 134 individuals who attempted to smuggle out of Ethiopia thousands of cash in Euros, USDs, GBPs, Swiss Franks, CADs and millions of ETBs hidden and covered under minced meat.   The intelligence agency also arrested 12 people who attempted to smuggle out of Ethiopia 5.8 kilos of gold bars.   The statement indicated that the groups were attempting to finance TPLF and OLA operatives outside of Ethiopia and at the same time harm Ethiopia's economy by smuggling out foreign hard currency. Moreove

Addis Ababa Police temporarily detained the head of Imams

Sheikh Mohammed Toyib, Head of Addis Ababa Imams' Association and Imam of Lafto Bilal Mosque ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 21, 2021 – Addis Ababa Police temporarily detained Sheikh Mohammed Toyib, the head of Addis Ababa Imams Association and the Imam of the Lafto Bilal Mosque, today, according to a statement from Addis Ababa Imams Association. Sheikh Mohammed Toyib was arrested after he submitted a letter yesterday to the Ministry of Peace, Federal Police including the Addis Ababa Police cautioning them about threats from Salafiya-Wahabi extremists who have been causing security problems in Mosques in Addis Ababa.  "The Salafiya group, within Addis Ababa Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, are unilaterally making decisions and making Mosques in the city centers of commotion", read the letter submitted to government security institutions yesterday by the Addis Ababa Imams' Association. “This group is attempting to turn Mosques in our city into a hotbed of violence. Fighting,

TPLF men raped children, a nun and summarily executed civilians in Shewa Robit

  ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 20, 2021 — The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) was designated as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian Parliament in May but most of its horrifying atrocities and human rights violations have been committed after it expanded the conflict into Amhara and Afar in July. In this article, EthiopianCitizen will outline some of the atrocities the terrorists committed in Shewa Robit, Amhara region. 85 year old nun was raped in Shewa Robit Emahoy lost her religious sanctity 'Emahoy', a name of respect in Orthodox Christianity ascribed to a woman who has abandoned the life of this world to pursue a higher level of religious experience. The Emahoy of Shewa Robit had been pursuing the monastic way of life until the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) journalists saw them not wearing the traditional yellow cap of the nuns. Emahoy had covered her head with a black scarf to signal the sorrow she is experiencing. The 85 year old Emahoy was one of the many rape victims

The TPLF men had no mercy for the Afar women and children

ADDIS ABABA, DECEMBER 19, 2021 – The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a terrorist designated group, and its legacy of rights violations are unraveling through time. The group was recently reported , by the Ethiopian Press Agency, to have committed numerous human rights violations against civilians in Kasa Gita and Chifra of Afar. EthiopianCitizen will present each story that comes to light in Afar and Amhara. But for this article, we will focus on two places of Afar, Kasa Gita and Chifra. Kasa Gita  Dhahra Warey   “My daughter was everything to me. She was my closest helper. After she was killed, I lost everything. My heart is broken. I do not know how to mourn”, says Dhahra Warey remembering her 15 year old daughter who was killed when the TPLF terrorists were shelling with heavy artillery Kasa Gita town, Afar. Dhahra, carrying her twin babies, often visits the grave yard where her daughter is buried and cries a lot. Her daughter was the only person supporting her with the c