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Ethiopian Americans Proved That Foreign Policy Can Determine State Elections

The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) released a statement claiming that thousands of the approximately 100,000-strong Ethiopian American community in the state switched their votes from Democrat to Republican to protest the national ruling party’s regime change campaign against their homeland.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   American pundits are scrambling to interpret the Republicans’ surprising victory in this week’s Virginia elections which saw the opposition win the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General posts in the same state that incumbent US President Joe Biden beat former President Donald Trump in by 10% just a year ago. While the GOP candidates’ cultural, economic, and epidemiological positions definitely played a major role in the outcome, observers shouldn’t dismiss the influence of foreign policy. The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) released a statement claiming that thousands of the approx

The Latest Offensive & Defensive Developments In The Hybrid War On Ethiopia

Everything has suddenly intensified in Ethiopia due to the strategically timed convergence of the various components connected to the US’ Hybrid War against that country. By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst       Military Offensives Ethiopia is facing an unprecedented Hybrid War onslaught comprised of military, political, economic , and information components which requires a comprehensive strategy for countering. Everyone is bracing for a large-scale battle sometime in the coming future due to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) advance towards the capital of Addis Ababa over the past few days and the federal government’s subsequent promulgation of a state of emergency . This terrorist-designated group is tacitly supported by the US through indirect means via the provisioning of material assistance to it through corrupt UN forces and Washington’s equating of the TPLF with the internationally recognized Ethiopian government on the political front. This

Expect An Intensification Of Information Warfare Against Ethiopia

  The kinetic phase of the conflict is expected to intensify together with the psychological one. The authorities' success in the former will be dependent on society's success in countering the latter.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     The Ethiopian National Defense Forces' (ENDF) reported setbacks this weekend in the Amhara Region are already prompting an intensification of information warfare against the country that will only get worse in the coming future. The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia relies heavily on manipulating locals' perceptions of their government, armed forces, and fellow citizens in an attempt to weaken them from within. This occurs in parallel with misportraying the country's leadership as “genocidal” in order to increase international sympathy for the Tigray People's Liberation Forces (TPLF) that were formally designated by the government as terrorists. The next phase of this psychological aspect of the conflict

Why Are Ethiopia's Wheat Imports Being Politicized?

  What's happening is that foreign forces aim to instrumentalize this issue so as to manufacture doubts among the international community about Ethiopia's commitment to ensuring food security for its people, especially those in Tigray. This is intended to advance the 'genocide' narrative that's meant to maximize foreign pressure on its government in an attempt to coerce it into unilateral political concessions.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's pragmatic remarks in late October about reducing his country's wheat imports were maliciously misreported by some foreign media. The UK's Telegraph falsely headlined an article at the time titled “ Ethiopian PM Threatens To Stop Food Aid Entering The Country ”, which propagated the weaponized information warfare narrative that he's personally carrying out a so-called “genocide” in the terrorist-controlled northern Tigray Region that's present

Ethiopia Isn't “Bombing Its Own People”

  Tigrayans are Ethiopians and they're not being bombed. Only military sites run by the terrorist group that's captured control of their eponymous region are being targeted.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst     The Ethiopian Air Force has been bombing terrorist targets in the Tigray Region over the past week, prompting intense Western media criticism. Allegations are spreading that the military is supposedly “bombing its own people” after claims of civilian casualties. This phrase is a dog whistle that was popularized during the US-led Hybrid Wars on Libya and Syria. It's intended to advance the weaponized narrative that federal forces are carrying out a so-called “genocide” in the northern part of the country. In reality, what's actually happening is that the terrorist-designated Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) is on the defensive and therefore desperately trying to generate enough international support on supposed “genocidal” prete

The Economist Is Lying: Ethiopia Is Gaining Friends & Influence, Not Losing Them

  Only the most self-interested and irresponsible forces would want to replicate the Syrian scenario anywhere else in the world, let alone in Africa's second most populous country that's among one of the most diverse on the planet, which is why Ethiopia's resistance to these American-led destabilization efforts is so inspirational for Africans and others.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   The Economist recently headlined an article inaccurately titled “ Ethiopia is losing friends and influence ”. The outlet claims that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's ongoing military operations in the Tigray Region, which Addis Ababa regards as an anti-terrorist mission, are counterproductive to its interests. The opposite in fact is true: Ethiopia is gaining friends and influence because its anti-terrorist operations are consistent with its interests. The US and its allies who've intensified their Hybrid War on Ethiopia in response to this anti-terrorist

The Economic Dimension of the American Hybrid War on Ethiopia

    The IMF has already been exploited by the US for Hybrid War ends related to the economic dimension of this unconventional campaign against Ethiopia.   By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   The American Hybrid War on Ethiopia is multifaceted, but one of its most crucial components is the economic dimension. The end game is to use economic means to advance political ends, in particular the Bosnian scenario of de facto internally partitioning the country through the imposition of a Dayton Accord-like “solution” to its ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the northern Tigray Region. The modus operandi relies on existing sanctions, recent threats to promulgate more of these punishments, credible speculation about denying Ethiopia access to the US market by excluding it from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), and the US-influenced IMF's latest provocation of refusing to release a growth forecast for the country over the next four years with the implie

The U.S. wants to turn Ethiopia into Bosnia

PM Abiy Ahmed [Picture: Office of the Prime Minister] By Andrew Korybko —  American political analyst   It was earlier feared that the American hybrid war on Ethiopia aims to turn the country into Yugoslavia, which implies its full dissolution along regional lines. Arminka Helić, member of the British House of Lords and served as special adviser to Foreign Secretary William Hague from 2010 to 2014, deceitfully claimed that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed risked advancing this scenario through the Ethiopian National Defense Forces’ (ENDF) ongoing anti-terrorist operation in the northern Tigray Region in an article that she published at Politico in August titled “ In Ethiopia, Echoes Of Yugoslavia ”. In reality, it is those U.S.-backed foreign forces, including corrupt UN officials, that are meddling in the Horn of Africa country who are the ones pushing this outcome. PM Abiy is, in fact, counteracting their efforts to advance the Yugoslav scenario in Ethiopia. Her article w